Treatment of waste per type of industries

WEEECycling reprocesses all waste containing precious metals, liquid or solid.

WEEECycling reprocesses all waste containing precious metals, liquid or solid, from all industrial sectors:

  • Electronics and electricity,
  • Aeronautics, defence, space and security,
  • Chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology,
  • Electroplating, surface treatment,
  • Gold smithery, watchmaking, jewelry and art workshops,
  • The mirror manufacture, the glassworks, the crystal manufacture
  • Photography and radiology.

After refining at our Tourville les Ifs site, where all the operations take place, the metals are transformed into new raw materials.

With its various processes, WEEECycling is one of the most competent waste treatment plants in the world, in terms of circular economy and is the only one to work exclusively with waste.

Producers of electrical and electronical components

In order to meet all the expectations of its customers, WEEECycling has a complete line for the recycling of equipment and components from the electrical and electronic sectors:

WEEECycling processes:

  • electronic cards and components such as motherboards, hard disks, memories, processors...
  • industrial electrical scrap such as copper/silver contactors, coils, batteries, motors, generators...

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

As an OEM, you have obsolete equipment and prototypes at your disposal as well as warranty materials such as laptops, mobile phones, network or telecommunication equipment and much more.

Our recycling solution for OEMs offers many advantages:

  • A to Z processing on one site
  • Global logistics capacity for the transport of your waste
  • Compliance with local and international regulations
  • Secure storage locations
  • Data destruction and documented destruction certificates.

Electroplating, surface treatment

Most of the waste generated by the electroplating and surface treatment trades is hazardous waste with specific regulatory constraints.

As soon as they contain precious metals, WEEECycling has all the skills required to take care of these wastes, whether they are heterogeneous or homogeneous, liquid or solid:

  • Spent treatment and rinsing baths, in chromic or non-chromic acid medium or in cyanide or non-cyanide basic medium.
  • Sludges and filter cakes,
  • Cartridges, filters, metal recovery resins
  • Wires and hooks for fasteners, anode tails and metal recovery cathodes
  • Filings, dust, cloths, PPE...

Aeronautics, Aerospace, Defence, Safety (ASDS)

As an industry working for the sensitive and confidential sectors of Aeronautics and Space, of Defence and/or Security, you have obsolete equipment, prototypes and sensitive materials at your disposal, and strategic waste, as well as miscellaneous production scrap containing precious metals.

WEEECycling has been affiliated since 2019 to the NAE network (Normandy Aerospace) and offers recycling solutions for the ASDS offering many advantages:

  • Treatment from A to Z on the same site
  • Secured zones for confidential dismantling
  • Global logistics capacity for the transport of waste and obsolete items
  • Compliance with local and international regulations.

Chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries

Catalysts and other precious metal-based products used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are available in many forms and grades.

WEEECycling has the skills to analyse waste on samples and to extract and refine the precious metals contained. 

Our suitably equipped laboratory provides precise results for palladium, platinum, rhodium, or ruthenium.

After refining, the metals are credited to weight accounts and can either be redeemed or transferred to producers of catalysts or other specialties.

Examples of wastes handled (not exhaustive):

  • Platinoids on activated carbons
  • Resins enriched with precious metals
  • Catalysts on aluminium oxide
  • ...

Watchmaking, Jewelry, Gold & Silversmith, Art Workshops

WEEECycling treats all waste from the sectors of watchmaking, jewelry, and gemstones, whether it is waste from large industrial productions or smaller quantities from the activities of SMEs in the watchmaking, jewelry, and gemstones sectors, as well as craftsmen and art manufacturers. Thanks to its experience and innovative processes, WEEE Cycling is able to offer cost-effective solutions starting from around 0.02‰ for gold and platinoids and some ‰ for silver.

Examples of supported scrap:

  • Industrial waste: Silver sludge, spent baths, crockery and cutlery with quality defects ...
  • Small and medium size firms, watchmaking, jewelry, and gemstones, Art workshops and factories: Jewelry, Melts, Chips,
  • Filings, Vacuum cleaner bags, Sink mud, Sweepings...

Mirror manufacturing and other industries using silver

WEEECycling has specific equipment and processes for the extraction and refining of the silver contained in many scraps, especially those from mirror factories and photographic processes.

Wastes from the mirror industry:

  • Waste from ammoniacal silver solutions for the silver plating of mirrors.
  • Copper loaded silver sludges.

Waste from photographic processes:

Depending on the different levels of the photographic industry, different products can be distinguished corresponding to various activities resulting in residual solutions treated by WEEE Cycling :

  • Photographic emulsion sludge
  • Scraps from the manufacture of sensitive surfaces: emulsified films and papers, cutting scraps, etc.
  • Developing waste containing silver.

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