Transformation process

An alternative to mining

Loading sorted waste


Mechanical separation

Thermal processes

Chemical refining


Final smelting

Dust and smoke processing

Identification of product and elaboration of a protocole

Following receipt of a sample if your waste is specific, WEEECycling has a team of chemists, metallurgists and smelters who define, design and validate the appropriate recycling processes, under the relevant economic conditions for the highest recovery rate.

After analysing the sample and validating the feasibility of treating the specific waste, a Certificate of Prior Acceptance (CPA) is issued before the customer sends the waste.

Reverse logistics

WEEECycling, through its partner Morphosis, has developed a significant network of logisticians throughout the world. WEEECycling organises the reverse logistics from a 2 kg parcel to several containers.

We also organise complete collection channels for our customers.

Sampling and analysis

On receipt of your product, a sampling campaign is launched by the WEEECycling laboratory to find out the concentrations contained in the waste. These samples are available to the customer for analysis if he wishes.

WEEECycling is equipped with the latest technology in its laboratory and several years of know-how in order to accurately determine the purity.

Thermal processes

WEEECycling is equipped with several types of furnaces allowing the solid waste to pass through thermal oxidation-reduction stages and form an alloy separated from some of the impurities and base metals that will be recovered elsewhere in the process.

WEEECycling processes only use waste materials. The waste has a calorific value that is exploited in an optimised manner, ensuring extremely low energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to mining processes, about 1,500 to 2,000 times lower.

Chemical processes

In order to produce a high purity metal in the form required by its customers (salts, shots, solution, etc.). WEEECycling has set up a wide range of chemical processes on its site.

Various separation chemistry techniques are in place in order to work each metal separately and purify them according to the technical specifications submitted.

Limitation and control of our discharges

All the processes in the WEEECycling plant are connected to specific gas treatments such as filtration, scrubber, washing towers...

Combinations of the best available techniques have been used to ensure gas emissions well below the discharge limit values.

WEEECycling has developed special, high-performance regeneration systems for used solutions. and no effluent is discharged either into the natural environment or into wastewater systems.

Monitoring, traceability and reporting

WEEECycling pays particular attention to the documents that are returned to its customers after the products have been processed.

In addition to the legal traceability documents, WEEECycling provides a complete report of the operations as well as an environmental report (eqCO2).

For its multi-site customers, WEEECycling produces and centralises annual reports.

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