Following the creation of MORPHOSIS, specialist in electronic waste in 2008, Serge KIMBEL founded WEEECycling in 2019.

Our job is to turn your production waste and scrap in a high purity recycled metals that can be reintroduced in your production.

We have developed several technologies allowing us to extract metals from only traces of various waste (liquid, solid, heterogeneous...). Our thermal and chemical refining solutions are at your service in order to implement the circular economy within your production.

By reintroducing fine metals from recycling, you reduce your carbon footprint by more than 98% compared to metals extracted from the earth's crust and turn your waste into a resource.

As an international company, we develop solutions according to your organizations (multi countries, multi products, etc ...).

WEEECycling entities

Weee EA

Our social purpose enterprise which prepares waste for refining by mechanical separation technique.

Weee Refining

Our waste processing unit with an innovative thermal and chemical process for the extraction, refining and transformation of metals.

Contact us

13 route des Ifs - 76400 Tourville-les-Ifs

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